About Us

The Tri City Amateur Bowlers Tour (TCABT) was founded in 2020 just before the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our idea at the time was to create a series of bowling tournaments that would take place in Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland Michigan. All three cities together are known as the Tri Cities, Hence the "Tri City" in the Tri City Amateur Bowlers Tour. Due to Government Shutdowns of bowling centers and entertainment venues, the first TCABT tournament didn't take place until late 2020, long after our original tournaments were planned.

Over the years, The TCABT started out small, slowly gaining popularity with local bowlers, before eventually hitting it big with many out of town bowlers. Through the first three years of Operation, the TCABT has seen steady growth of the number of participants per tournament on average. The average number of particpants grew about 10-15 bowlers from year one to year two, and again from year two to year three.

Without the Support of the Bowlers, and the parents of our Youth Bowlers, the TCABT would have never taken off and grown the way it has. We owe all our success to them. We couldn't be more thankful.